Peter Blanche

Visual Artist
Peter Blanche

Peter was born in Kent but has also lived in North America for over 20 years. He obtained a GCE in Art at school in the UK and during a business career, became a keen photographer and has had photos accepted by The Cambridge University Press and also for magazines and shows around the world. More recently he has spent more time on his painting again.

Paintings have been shown in the Kent Life Magazine Landscape Artist of the Year Competition and pictures have been short listed for the exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and included in the David Shepherd post card art at the Mall Gallery in London. Pictures are held in private collections in the UK and North America.

Although tending to paint in a "photographic" manner (as it is called), Peter usually tries to find something in a picture which is unusual or dramatic (such as seas or skies) which makes a painting something other than a normal view of a particular subject.

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